Kai ora, hapori ora!

The Hapori Fruit & Veg Box delivers local, fresh, seasonal produce every week at a low, low price making it good for growers, good for the community and good for you.

What does it cost? | He aha te utu?

Every box is just $15.00!

There’s a new Hapori Fruit & Veg Box available every week.

Make ordering your box even easier by subscribing to a weekly or fortnightly purchase. Plus, it’s super easy to change your subscription as & when needed.

Who can get a Hapori Fruit & Veg Box? | Mā wai e tono?

Anyone in the Nelson Tasman region can get themselves a Hapori Fruit & Veg Box. There is no eligibility required.

There are no limits to how many boxes you can buy - if you have a large family you might choose to buy 2+ boxes each week to make sure your whānau are enjoying their daily dose of fruit & veges!

What produce will I get? | He aha ngā hua māku?

A range of seasonal produce, that is locally sourced. Our fruit & veg is always fresh and varies from week to week.

Where does the produce come from? | Nō hea ngā hua?

From a well-established, organised group of local growers that sell to Hapori at wholesale prices.

How Do I Get a Hapori Fruit & Veg Box?

It's easy! Follow these steps: 

  1. Buy Your Box here - be sure to select the right pick up hub for you.
  2. During check out, you'll be asked to log in, or sign up for a Hapori account. Just follow the prompts!
  3. Place your order by Friday for collection the following week.
  4. Collect your box on the day & time assigned to your pick up hub!